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Restaurant           Toronto            2019

Integrated from the dynamic architecture of Notre dame and the fine French cuisine, Notre palais is a melange of the rich French culture. The restaurant embraces the French geometry while providing the contemporary to modern vibe to the frame. The overall feel of the space is luxurious yet maintaining the era of trench history. The color palate of Notre palais is derived from Notre Dame but the feel of the space is modern to extravagant.

(When viewing the floor plan) Entering into the restaurant on the right, customers are greeted and asked to either sit at the bar or the waiting area until their table is ready. Moving on customers also have the option to take the stairs/elevator to the mezzanine lounging area or straight ahead into the first-floor dining space aimed to represent the halls of a cathedral.

The mezzanine lounging area has a massive bar, lounging spaces and washrooms to keep the mezzanine floor lounging experience separate from the first floor dining experience.

Lastly, the custom made ceiling is inspired by the rose windows that are the highlight of cathedrals. 

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