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Final Thesis Project


Healing goes far beyond treating the physical symptoms. This stress management center is committed to providing a holistic and natural method of managing stress through professionally trained therapists. Additionally, the environment of the center supports this treatment and helps occupants refresh and de-stress. It facilitates healing by transforming the traditional healthcare practices.

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 1.56.22 PM.png


Special thanks to 

Darryl Balaski (Principal) - Figure3

Mardi Najafi (Director Retail) - Figure3

Julie Nichols (Co-op Advisor) - Sheridan College

‘Social Hub’ makes the customers visiting feel a sense of freshness through a flexible interior configuration that also allows for a sense of openness and freedom

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 11.33.59 PM.PN


The iconic Sephora bag. This little, black and white striped bag, contributes so much to your Sephora experience even after you’ve left the store. To some, it may just hold their recent purchase; but if you really think about it, this bag means so much more. This bag symbolizes how you represent yourself, how you identify, how you, are authentically, you. Our design takes you inside this important part of your Sephora journey. 

Notre Palais enterance


Integrated from the dynamic architecture of Notre dame and the fine French cuisine, Notre palais is a melange of the rich French culture. The restaurant embraces the French geometry while providing the contemporary to modern vibe to the frame. The overall feel of the space is luxurious yet maintaining the era of trench history. The color palate of Notre palais is derived from Notre Dame but the feel of the space is modern to extravagant.

Crafted advertising agency entrance


An advertising agency specialized in crafting the best ideas together piece by piece, to assist various kinds of companies in reaching great extents. 

Rolex store front


Swiss luxury watch manufacturer based in Geneva. Designing THE ROLEX STORE meant keeping the essentials of the store that has been a part of the design of the store for years, that meant the colour palette had to stay the same in the new store space for Rolex no matter what concept was to be implemented.




Part of a mentorship program to support third year students to get ready for their internship job application. 



Participated in the PAVE 2020 Student Design Competition. For this year PAVE partnered with Sephora and McRae with the design brief of creating a pop-up retail store for Sephora. The idea was to create an exciting, fresh, architecturally stunning branded kiosk where clients will have the same energy filled experience, they would have in a Sephora store. 

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