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Retail                 Toronto             2018

This project was started off as an individual project and eventually was led into a group project for further detailed working drawings.

Swiss luxury watch manufacturer based in Geneva. Designing THE ROLEX STORE meant keeping the essentials of the store that has been a part of the design of the store for years, that meant the colour palette had to stay the same in the new store space for Rolex no matter what concept was to be implemented.

The concept is based on what the store is all about, watches! 

The glass on the floor consists of a long hand and a short hand of a watch that moves according to the time. Which not only seems like a design but also helps the customers come inside the store, circulate through the store, explore the many different types of products, purchase and leave the store satisfied with their purchase. This design helps with easy circulation of customers in and out the stores. The display cabinets along with the entrance doors are situated in certain places to represent the different numbers in a watch. At the same time, the ceiling of the store has circular suspensions which represents the mechanism of a watch.

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