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Retail                     U.S.                       2020

The iconic Sephora bag. This little, black and white striped bag, contributes so much to your Sephora experience even after you’ve left the store. To some, it may just hold their recent purchase; but if you really think about it, this bag means so much more. This bag symbolizes how you represent yourself, how you identify, how you, are authentically, you. Our design takes you inside this important part of your Sephora journey. 

Our design is made using aluminum frames and fabric (see page 18 for specifications). The white stripes are a sheer fabric, allowing passersby a glimpse into the store. The black stripes are a blackuot fabric to create some exclusivity within the space. With 8’ wide entryways, clients feel excited and welcome to explore inside.

The black rope handle will be created with blackout fabric from McRae Imaging. Both the front and back of the bag will have a rope to pull together the Sephora bag concept. Just below the rope handle, centred in the centre, black stripe of the bag is the Sephora logo, just as it would be on an actual Sephora bag.


Our free standing fixture design can be transformed or reused by replacing the fabric insets with a different product, brand or graphic. The frame has four replacable sides, but in our design, only three are used, as they are side-by-side. The materials are light, and compactable for ease of transportation and set-up. The shelving units can be simply moved in any position or location within the store.

Above the top shelf is an interchangeable slot for a brand logo, design or graphic.

The shelving unit itself can be reused without the aluminum frame to maintain simplicity, in any Sephora setting. 

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