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Social Hub

WHAT            WHERE           WHEN

Retail                     Toronto                   2020

As more branch traffic in financial institutions shifts to digital, banks have a massive opportunity to reinvent banking experience. Converting an unused space into community centers and coworking environments for entrepreneurs and small businesses that are looking for high-tech meeting spaces. Some banking organizations around the globe  have already pursued this option as the demand for coworking space explodes. 


Coworking became popular around 2010, as an outgrowth of shared office facilities that provided singular offices with centralized conference rooms, telephone operators and printing capability. The transformation of coworking space has an emphasis on high speed WiFi,  high-tech functionality, modern decor, open spaces and even on-site food and beverage.

Future of Banks

  • Astounding customer experience 

  • Modular spaces 

  • Lower cash transactions

  • Reduced footprint 

  • Coworking spaces/Bank Café

Our Approach

Developing a design concept to reflect the new shift in banking experience physically and operationally, Many retail spaces now also serve as a showroom to help a brand connect with its potential customers. It’s less about selling the customer something and more about exposing them to the brand so that when they make a decision for purchase in the future (in store / online) they will already have a positive relationship with the bank and what it stands for.


We will provide options for flexibility while maintaining a sophisticated space that is interactive and helps increase the customer flow while keeping in mind a more welcoming and friendlier environment. 


‘Biophilia’ makes the customers visiting “Social Hub” feel a sense of freshness through a flexible interior configuration that also allows for a sense of openness and freedom.

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